Studies 1.0 for Mac

The app formerly known as Mental Case has finally moved on to bigger and better things — Studies 1.0 is now available in the Mac App Store.

From a distance, it may not have seemed like much was happening to Mental Case, but the truth lay elsewhere. We have been working on Studies for somewhere between 18 months and 2 years. The whole app has been overhauled, the UI refreshed, and the pain points — *cough* nobody mention 'sync' — addressed. Studies for Mac is an app we are proud of.

And, of course, we are working on the iPhone/iPad app. Two major updates at once was just too much, so we decided on a controlled release, first for the Mac, and following in the not too distant future with an app for iPhone and iPad. The two will sync up via iCloud, and many of the same improvements in the Mac app will also come to iPhone/iPad.

Mental Case will remain available for a while in the Mac App Store. This is to allow us to offer bug fixes for existing customers, as well as support those who cannot live without an iPhone/iPad app until Studies for iOS is available.

If you're a Mental Case user from way back, thank you for the support over the years, and — new customer or old — we really hope you enjoy Studies and that it helps you achieve things you never thought within your grasp.